Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

California based innovative startup company, E-pal, announces partnerships with popular live streaming influencers, creators, and esports players of the game from other social platforms

The E-pal team has continued to push boundaries in the gaming world as major stakeholders join the company’s platform to enjoy the better league of Legends gaming experience provided. E-pal has successfully attracted lots of well-known live streaming influencers, Creator, or esports players to its Legends Program, offering a more immersive experience for lovers of LOL Valorant and Minecraft, amongst others.

“Our user community is our strength. We have built up a strong and supportive member base who is always willing to help out their fellow community members,” says a spokesperson at E-Pal. “The small and medium-sized creators can always count on our helpful community to give that initial impetus that they need when they are starting out something new.”

The global gaming industry has undoubtedly witnessed a series of evolution over the years, as a plethora of developers and creators emerge from different parts of the world to meet the growing and diverse needs of game lovers. However, one of the major challenges faced by gaming enthusiasts is having an all-inclusive, user-friendly platform, which is where E-pal is looking to make a difference as substantiated by the traction that their platform has continued to gain in recent times.

The introduction of the Legends Program and the reception that has greeted the initiative have further substantiated the position of E-pal as a disruptor of the creator economy. The Legend Program attracted famous anchors, video creators, and professional players or coaches from other platforms due to the amazing features of E-pal. In addition to creating an opportunity to enjoy popular games, E-pal also helps creators to promote each other.

For further information about the Legends Program and other projects from E-pal, visit – E-pal also has a growing online community across social media, including Facebook and Discord. Visitors can also access the site and its features via a mobile app available on the Apple Store or Google Play.

About E-Pal

E-Pal is an authentic and personalized social companionship service platform with more than 1,000,000 users. The platform provides gamers an opportunity to play and earn money. It also offers useful and interesting lifestyle services such as emotional support, relationship advice, sleep calls, and a host of others.


Media Contact

Company Name: EPAL, INC

Contact Person: Leo Li


City: Lake Forest

State: CA

Country: USA


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